DN Agrar Internship

You could be part of our Farming Team

DN Agrar Group’s main activity is farming (milk cows). We are at the time being the biggest cow farm in Romania, holding an impressive number of animals between our farms. Everyday, we milk approximatively 120.000 litters of milk per group. Lacto Agrar (Member of DN Agrar Group) has the biggest milk parlor in the country, with the possibility of milking an astounding 350 cows per hour. As far as the quality of the milk goes, we are unbeaten. The comfort of the animals, their welfare and the food that they are being fed are very important to us. The company also has its own vets to ensure that the best medical advices are given and the best procedures are applied in the shortest amount of time.


You could be part of our Agriculture Team

Beside raising animals, we also handle a lot of agriculture, every year we grow and harvest an impressive amount of crops. DN Agrar works approximatively 10.000 ha of land Transylvania in the surrounding area of Alba, Hunedoara and Sibiu counties. We are constantly trying to improve our technology and knowledge in order to increase the productivity and to offer our land renters and animals the best we can do. We cultivate wheat, corn, lucern and triticale along other plants in smaller quantities. We use the harvested crops to feed our animals, to pay the rent for the people that lent us their land and we sell whatever is left.


Maybe your ideas could help us manage things better

The consultancy and management part of the activity is done by the company called DN AGRAR GROUP SRL, member of the same group.

After the internship program is over, we offer you the possibility of working with one of our teams here in Romania or abroad in Germany. We invite you to read the interview with Elena Mihoc regarding her internship.