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14Because we care and we are proud of Alba Iulia's Maria Beatrice Recover Center, the companies among DN Agrar group are in help for this center. We hope that, by equipping this recover center with adequate technology like the foreign ones, we can help as many kids as possible from our community!
universitatea-1-decembrieDn Agrar endorse the events with and for students. We believe that Science Affairs Session (in Extenso) - The 16th edition, which took place at Alba Iulia's 1 Decembrie 1918 University deserves more attention and support because it offers to its students more perspectives, opportunities and knowledge!
com memeberBecause we like to see children smiling, we became a help for Santa Claus. For a few years we sponsor schools in the villages we activate, in the Christmas period, in order to make children happy. Their happiness is our happiness. Their happiness gives us the confidence to go on, and is the best reward we could possibly get.