Membru al comunitatii

“Maria Beatrice” Recovery Centre from Alba Iulia

Santa’s helpers

Because we love to see smiling children we became one of Santa Clause’s helpers. Over the last few years we have been organising and sponsoring events during the winter holidays trying to bring a smile on the faces of the kids in the villages and cities where we have farms and other business going on.Their happiness is our happiness and that gives us the power to keep going and the assurance that we are doing something good.

Universitatea “1 Decembrie 1918 din Alba Iulia”

DN AGRAR supports university events with and for students. We believe that the 16th edition of “Sesiunea de Afaceri Științifice (in Extenso)” that took place in at the university deserves more attention because it gives the students the opportunity to learn and it lets them view things in a different perspective.