DN Agrar Group S.A.

DN-Agrar Group’s headquarter is located in Alba Iulia. The following departments that are located at the headquarter are: general management, finance, legal, management consulting and engineering.

DN Agrar Cut

DN-Agrar Cut started in 2009. The company is located near Cut, Romania. At the start, DN-Agrar Cut has initially started investing and developing fertile land in the Cut area. The soil was unused from 2003 until 2009. DN-Agrar has invested in this land to make it fertile. These days, soy, grain, corn, barley, and sunflower are grown on the soil of the Cut area. The farm is currently being developed in Cut. From February 2020, DN-Agrar Cut will be called home for dairy cows, young cattle and various types of crops. DN-Agrar Cut contributes to the development of area of Cut. It provides employment, food, education and fertile land.


DN Agrar Service

DN-Agrar Service has been active in Alba county since 2010. It makes soil fertile, sow ready, harvest crops and improves soil quality for the total DN-Agrar Group. It also helps other farmers in the area with sowing, fertilising the soil and harvesting their crops. DN-Agrar Service contributes to the employment and food security of Romania and specifically Alba county.

DN Agrar Logistics

DN-Agrar Logistics is a transport company. It transports all harvested crops such as: grain, corn and sunflower to, for example, the port of Constanza and to companies in Romania and Europe. DN-Agrar Logistics transports all high-quality milk produced within the DN-Agrar Group to various milk factories where a large number of the highest quality products are produced and developed for Romanian consumers. It also transports many other products to other individual companies in Romania and Europe. DN-Agrar Service provides employment and a better connection between Alba and the rest of Romania, Europe and the world.