About us

We invest because we want to stay here, sell here and win together: DN Agrar and Romania

— Jan G. de Boer, CEO

DN Agrar Group S.A. started its activity in Romania in 2008 by leasing agricultural land in central Transylvania – Alba, Sibiu and Hunedoara counties – financed through foreign investments. The company carries out its management consulting activities.

We benefit from well-trained personnel in many fields of activity, and our employees are motivated and experienced. Also we benefit from the possibility that Romania gives our company, such as a favourable climate for agriculture. We are a team that is in a continuous collaboration and we want to progress and learn new things. This is possible because of our ambition, devotion and perseverance to gradually reach our target. The permanent target of the group is: – Reinvesting profit – Constant improvement of the quality of our products – Continuous development – Circular agriculture

DN Agrar Group financially manages all the sub-companies of the group. The financial management realised within this company is a set of activities and decisions that end in the financial stability and the adequate management of the resources. From the financial point of view, DN Agrar Group follows the idea of profit, new investments and economic growth of the company. The financial activity consists of managing the revenue and expenditure budget, analysing the formation of funds, allocating capital, but also liquidity, solvency and risk assessment and financial balance.

DN-Agrar group owns a total of 10,000 animals spread over 15 companies with a total of 10,000 hectares of land. We use less than one hectare of land per cow. We recognize climate change and underline that the agricultural sector must become circular. We invest in agricultural circular growth. DN-Agrar sees circular agriculture and the circular economy as the future to be chosen as a company as well as for the whole world. DN-Agrar uses produced manure from our cows to increase the fertility and quality of the land. With improved soil we can guarantee the quality for the Romanian consumer and our animals to an extremely high level of quality. Fertile soil and healthy cows contribute to our goal of being a fully circular company.

Today there is a nitrogen problem in different countries around the world, this is not the case in Romania. On the contrary, there is a shortage of nitrogen. It is a limitation for achieving an optimal result in kilograms and quality. DN Agrar carefully adjusts the number of animals to the number of hectares. This also contributes to circular farming. We place great importance on biodiversity. With every investment and decision, the effect on biodiversity is considered. Now almost 60 percent of the milk in Romania is imported from Hungary and some other countries. Our goal is to let Romanian consumers enjoy the highest quality Romanian-produced milk.

We achieve all of the above mentioned with mainly Romanian staff. We want to contribute to a sustainable growth of employment in Romania, more specific Transylvania. In this way we want to contribute to the prosperity growth of this fantastic country. We also want to contribute to increasing and deepening the knowledge of farming in Romania. We try to achieve this by working together with the government, various Romanian and foreign universities and various traineeships with different subjects that can be followed within DN Agrar.