Interviu Jan Boer

Interviu Jan Boer

„We have achieved an important goal in the development and growth of DN AGRAR GROUP ROMANIA. We would like to thank our partner BRK Financial Group, for their support and support in this endeavor, as well as investors for their trust in the success and growth of the company. We assure our investors that we will continue to develop DN AGRAR GROUP with strategies meant to bring stable and sustainable growth, benefiting the benefit of all our shareholders and collaborators.”

The debut of DN AGRAR GROUP on the capital market was marked by the successful conclusion of the private placement of shares, an operation mediated by BRK Financial Group, as an authorized consultant. Through this operation, the company attracted the amount of 24,782,465 lei through an increase of share capital, being the largest private placement of shares concluded in the last year in Romania, due to the value of the transaction. The next step will be to list the company’s shares on the AeRO market administered by the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

“The moment is a very important one for DN AGRAR GROUP.

We want to develop through the capital market, which will give us the opportunity to make new investments in agribusiness in Romania.

Even though we have had a steady and stable growth over the last few years, we are enthusiastic about finding new opportunities for growth and development in the market. We will certainly be an attractive issuer for all types of investors.

We are also confident in the evolution and prospects of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and consider that the success due to the private placement of shares suggests a

high interest from investors in the agribusiness sector. “

The objective of DN AGRAR GROUP is to be at the end of 2021, the largest producer of cow’s milk and market leader in Romania.

“To achieve this goal, we aim to grow the company by developing new farms and acquiring existing farms (agricultural farms with vegetable production and / or cow’s milk production farms).

Our plan is to go public on the capital market in mid-September, with the DN settlement symbol, where we will be able to grow with our investors.

Equally, our efforts are focused on the development of the regions where we operate, being directed towards cooperation and good relations with local suppliers and other stakeholders in growing together.”

Jan G. de Boer, CEO


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