Interview – Adina Trufaș

Interview – Adina Trufaș

I started my activity at DN AGRAR in 2011, January. At that time, I was looking for a working place because at the old one I was feeling that I was not moving forward. By chance I put a CV to DN AGRAR, the milk cow farm in Vaidei. Although at that time I was thinking that maybe is not the best place to work, in an office, in a farm, I accepted because I grew up with animals. I was used with them.

Shortly I began my activity in the farm as a secretary and from here the best journey of my life started.

DN AGRAR gave me the opportunity to discover what I really like to do and like this I can say that I grew up with the company. At this moment I am Livestock Manager at DN AGRAR.

In all this time I was sustained by DN AGRAR, through perfecting classes, experience exchange, managing trainings regarding cow farms but also about the management of people. This being my favorite part, also the most difficult one.

DN AGRAR offers employees the possibility to evolve personally and on a professional plan through courses, trainings, here in Romania and abroad.

I think you cannot be truly happy until you do a work that is an extension of your personality. This job represents me, I do what I like, I like to touch company objectives, I like to take care of the team and of the people.

Agriculture and farming are and will be two of the motors of economic growth in Romania and DN AGRAR is the biggest milk producer in Romania. The group is in a continuous development and ascension. We invest to grow the company, improve and better the farms so that we can continue to give milk at the highest quality.

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