Internship – Elena Mihoc

Internship – Elena Mihoc

Elena Mihoc graduated Agronomy University in Sibiu and she is one of the beneficiaries of the DN AGRAR internship program. The 75th.

According to her, her desire to work for DN AGRAR started during the university years, when she found on the internet data about the group. Being a passion of her’s to work with animals, since she was smaller, she really wanted to see what this means in practice, so after graduating the university she applied for this program.

If you hear her talking about this, it is almost impossible not to want to be a part of this project. Her enthusiasm, when she speaks about her favourite parts regarding work (feeding the calf, their vaccination, placing the ear tags, etc.) or the freedom that this kind of job offers, is contagious.

We asked Elena what surprised her about DN AGRAR. What she expected, and how is reality in comparison to that.

“I did not expect that everything would be so mechanized.”

She also grow up with animals and was used to do things more manual at home so this was a big surprise.

She wants to learn new stuff, to remain here as an employee and grow with DN AGRAR. She feels that if you invest time to develop yourself and learn new things there are possibilities to grow to other levels in the company.

When you ask her if she would recommend DN AGRAR without hesitation she says: “Clearly yes! I had and have good people, good colleagues, who always show me everything that needs to be done and how to do it.” she thinks that many students would be thrilled of this possibility if the program would be more known about.

So, we will do our best that this program will be more known to students, university student or high school students so that they could apply in practice what they learned in school.

If you would ask us, what we learned from Elena, that would be: “When you do something with passion, there is no way you will not succeed!”

Thank you, Elena,

Welcome in our team!

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