DN Agrar Companies

Companies that form the DN Agrar Trust

Companies that form the DN Agrar Trust:

DN Agrar Group

Headquarters  Iuliu Maniu Square, nr. 1, bl. 31DE, Alba Iulia, Jud. Alba, Romania

DN Agrar Group is  a management and consultancy company, for our other companies.

We are doing all the work here to let run the other companies.

DN Agrar Apold

This milk farm is situated in the village Garbova. It was a greenfield investment. The land was bought from 43 families.

In 2011 we started to build the first stable

Now we are producing here more than 50.000 liters milk per day

We feed the animals from our fields.

Lacto Agrar

We started to do the management for this farm in 2010. In the beginning of 2011 we took over the farm from the milk factory Albalact.

In that moment they produced 6.000 liters per day, at this moment we produce more than 45.000 liters per day.

We let grow up here, also our own young stock and we feed them from our fields.

DN Agrar Cut

We will start in 2017 to have here our own farm and we have enough land here to feed our animals.

DN Agrar Straja

We will start to build here in 2018 our own farm.

We have enough land here to feed our animals.

DN Agrar Prodlact

The young stock is growing here.

DN Agrar Bio

The young stock is growing here.

DN Agrar Greenfield

The young stock is growing here.

DN Agrar Holding,  DN Agrar Berghin, DN Agrar Mihalt, DN Agrar Calnic

Here we cultivate maize, wheat, barley, raps, soy and sunflower.

DN Agrar Service

This company is doing a part of the service work for the agriculture companies

DN Agrar Trading

This company takes care of the wholesale trade of cereal products and retail with dairy products

DN Agrar Logistic

This company is organizing all the transport for our companies but also for other companies.  There are daily more than 50 trucks on the road.

Farm Concept

This company is selling in Romania farm equipment and also does the maintenance for the farm equipment

Casa Buna 

This Guest House was build in 2008 and has 14 double rooms and a restaurant capacity for more than 80 persons. It is a perfect place to relax, for weddings, parties, conferences etc.