You can be part of our responsible animal husbandry team

The main activity of DN AGRAR GROUP is animal breeding, especially dairy cows. We are currently the largest cow farm in Romania, with over 13.000 heads of cattle. Every day over 160,000 liters of milk are collected from all our farms. The milking rotor that we have in LACTO AGRAR farm, has the capacity of milking 350 cows per hour. The quality of the milk is at the forefront, that’s why we are very attentive to the comfort, nutrition and health of our animals. The company has its own veterinarians to be able to ensure all this and to be able to respond as quickly as possible to any problems.


You can be part of our agriculture team

In addition to animal husbandry, another important activity of DN AGRAR is the cultivation and harvesting of various plants necessary for animal husbandry. DN AGRAR has over 10,000 ha of land in use in Transylvania, within the counties of Alba, Hunedoara and Sibiu. We are constantly working to improve technology and knowledge to increase productivity. We grow mostly corn, wheat, alfalfa and triticale, but also other plants and cereals in smaller quantities. We use the crops to feed the animals, to pay subsidies to those who loaned us land, and we sell the rest.


If you think you have organizational and management skills

Everything related to consulting and management is provided by DN AGRAR GROUP, a member company of the same group.

After finishing the internship program, we offer you the opportunity to work for one of our companies in Romania or Germany.

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