Press Release

The shareholders of DN AGRAR GROUP SA approved all the proposals on the agenda of the Extraordinary and Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders, which took place on 10.11.2021. During the two meetings, the shareholders present at the meeting approved by unanimous vote, all the proposals on the agenda. The main approved decisions are:

  1. The modification of the composition of the Board of Directors was approved, by increasing the number of members from 3 to 5, as well as the election of the two new members in the person of gentlemen: Sorin Gheorghe Şerban and Cristian Dan from Binținstan, both shareholders in DN AGRAR GROUP SA.
  2. The loan from ING BANK was approved for the purchase by the Company of the shares held by DN Agrar Gârbova CV in DN AGRAR APOLD SRL, DN AGRAR HOLDING SRL, DN AGRAR CÂLNIC SRL and PRODAG GÂRBOVA SRL.
  3. The amendment of the Company’s Constitutive Act was approved, through the complete elimination of certain articles that refer to Class A and B preferential shares, and which become “Shares that give the holders equal voting rights in the general meetings of shareholders.”

Some information about DN AGRAR GROUP SA:

The debut of the DN AGRAR GROUP company on the capital market was marked by the successful conclusion of the private placement of shares, an operation brokered by BRK Financial Group, as an authorized consultant. Through this operation, the company attracted the amount of 24,782,465 lei through a share capital increase, being the largest private placement of shares completed in the last year in Romania, due to the value of the transaction.  The immediate next step will be the listing of the company’s shares on the AeRO market administered by the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

“The moment is a particularly important one for DN AGRAR GROUP.

We want to develop through the capital market, which will give us the opportunity to make new investments in agribusiness in Romania.

Even though we have had constant and stable growth over the last few years, we are enthusiastic about finding new opportunities for growth and development in the market. We will certainly be an attractive issuer for all types of investors.

Also, we are confident in the evolution and prospects of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and we believe that the success due to the private placement of shares suggests a high interest from investors for the agribusiness sector.”