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DN Agrar's plans don't end here, assuming that we are building at this time, new ways for big farms we wish to create. DnAgrar Group is managed by mr. Jan Gijsbertus de Boer, dutch citizen with a large experience in milk cows farming, and began its activity in Romania in 2008 by leasing agricultural lands in central Transilvania - Alba. Sibiu and Hunedoara counties.

DN Agrar Group S.R.L. Belongs to the DN Agrar Societies group, which took birth in 2008 and has its headquarters in ALba Iulia, Iuliu Maniu Sqr., 31DE building. It's a company with foreign investments which takes a part of activity in management and counseiling. DN Agrar has a well professional trainee and personel in numerous domains of activity, well motivated and experienced to this day by nowadays company's perspectives. We are a group of constructive ideas creators, which is in a permanent interaction and collaboration for a continuous developement. This is possible due to our ambition, devotion and perseverence to gradually reach our target.

Permanent group target is:

  • Profit reinvestment
  • Permanent quality imporval
  • Market development & propagation

This company manages financially all group's sub-companies. Financial organisation made by DN Agrar Group ensures the basics of all finacial decisions. Financial management made in this company is an ensemble of activities and decisions which concludes in financial stability and proper resorces management.

DN Agrar Group, finacially, follows the idea of profit, new investers and society's economical raise. Financial activity consists in budget management of income and spendings, fund forming analisys, capital allocation but also, liquidity, solvability and financial balance & risks evaluation. DN Agrar's Plans don't stop here: we develop new modules for the farms we wish to create. This way , we wish to become an important pillar on milk's market in south eastern Europe.


Why milk?

  • Milk is an complete food, containing:
  • 20 amino acids
  • 16 fat acids
  • 25 vitamins, including: A, B1, B2 and C.
  • Other vital elements: Ca, P, Zn, Fe.


Milk has an increased nutritional value, 1 lt of milk is an equivalent of:

  • 700g calf meat
  • 600g cow meat
  • 400g pork meat
  • 8 - 9 eggs
  • 0,5kg fish


1 lt of everyday consumed milk can ensure all:

  • proteins for kids before 6 yrs old
  • Calcium for pregnant women
  • A vitamins for babies before 1 yrs old
  • B2 vitamin for an adult